How To Talk So He Will Listen


Talk So He Will Listen
Why can't men listen? They can, if you follow these five steps.

We women can spend an inordinate amount of time beating around the bush. Most men, especially in business, want the bottom line. You have to learn to say what you want in thirty seconds or less.

If more discussion is needed after that, at least you have gotten the impact and reason defined. In business, I often advised females who had trouble getting to the point to "think in bullets" meaning make an outline with quick, effective words to state your points. If you do need to think a problem through or work something out by talking about it, go to a woman first. Then when you have your path defined, seek out the man. Which Love Language Do You Speak?


4. Say What You Want.

If you are asking for something or recommending a change, just say it. Don't say "I think" or "in my opinion" as that's a statement, not a request. A man will interpret this as "being up to him" since you just stated an opinion and didn't actually ask.

Also avoid using the word "but." If you state something and qualify it with a big "but," you just reduced its importance.

5. Finally, Stop Talking When You Are Done.

I have actually seen women win over a man to her way of thinking but then keep the discussion going. This can bring a new point to the table that causes the man to rethink and change his opinion. I have watched saleswomen lose a sale and young female engineers lose support for their ideas by doing this. When you have made your point and everyone agrees with you, STOP TALKING. How To Interpret Man Speak

If you follow these simple rules, you will find that men can and do listen. (Of course, your teenage son may still need some extra work but that's another article).

Written by Renee Weisman for Excelle.

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