3 Life and Love Lessons From 'Modern Family'


modern family
The picture-perfect family of today is full of non-traditional couples. And useful lessons!

Lesson Three: Support your loved ones, even when it's a challenge.

Middle-aged Jay has a much younger, sexy wife, Gloria, from a small village in Colombia famous for "the murders." Her 11-year-old son, Manny, is a (slightly chunky) born-romantic in love with a 16-year-old girl he writes poetry for. Jay is thoroughly against this putting your-heart-on-your-sleeve mentality, and even offers Manny $50 not to go through with it, but Gloria reminds him about the importance of supporting your family no matter what. 


Even though Jay isn't in favor of Manny's romantic gesture, in the end, he supports his decision. How does it go over? You won't be shocked to find out that he's denied by his older crush. Good thing he has his parents to lean on for support. Unrequited Love

Each of these wildly differing couples brings something to the table, creating a rich, dynamic, supportive environment. Not only are they related, but as Manny says in the song he writes about them, love is what binds them.



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