The World's 10 Best & Worst Lovers


World's Best & Worst Lovers
The results prove to be an important international travel consideration.
World's Worst Lovers: World's Best Lovers:
1. Germany (too smelly) 1. Spain
2. England (too lazy) 2. Brazil
3. Sweden (too quick) 3. Italy
4. Holland (too dominating) 4. France
5. America (too rough) 5. Ireland
6. Greece (too lovey-dovey) 6. South Africa
7. Wales (too selfish) 7. Australia
8. Scotland (too loud) 8. New Zealand
9. Turkey (too sweaty) 9. Denmark
10. Russia (too hairy) 10. Canada

All this LoveBuzzer can attest to is that the Italians definitely earn their place above France. Why it's been called the "French Kiss" and not the "Italian Kiss" is something she'll never understand. Australians are pretty great, too. How To Kiss Well

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