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We love eachother so much but......


I have a 16 year old daughter and a boyfriend living with me. We are getting married but haven't set a date. He has lived with me over a year. He and I have discussed my daughter’s behavior a few times. His child is grown and lives out of state. My daughter has always lived with me and we are very close. I do allot for her and I know part of the reason she is the way she is, is because of me. I baby her and do stuff for her. She is a good kid. I do a lot for him too. He tells me that I dote over her. I say that’s just my way of being a mother. I'm really not a good discipliner, but will set her straight when I feel she needs it. He feels that she should behave a certain way being she is 16. Like picking up after her self, washing her bowl after breakfast, keeping her room clean, wash her own laundry, help clean the house when she see's something out of place, keeping the TV and radio down and so on. Some of the stuff that she does or doesn't do doesn't bother me but bothers him. He comes to me to tell her things, that puts me in the middle but I’d rather tell her then him. I feel that sometimes we should all three sit and have a talk about some issues. He feels I shouldn’t have to keep repeating my self. She should know right from wrong. He feels that I always take her side and always have an excuse for why she did or didn't so something. I kind of know what I should do but would like some advice. There is more detailing explanation to this but this getting to long of a comment.

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