Can Cheating Ever Be Good For A Relationship?


Nightline attempts to show the many faces of infidelity, but really only reveals two.

Honestly, the whole thing left us a little baffled. After all, aren't there about a million more perspectives in infidelity that aren't based on rationalizions ("there are worse things I could be doing than cheating") and fear of damnation ("God will be so mad if I sleep with that man who's not my husband").

For example, there are plenty of people who think cheating is awful, but don't believe in God. There are plenty of people who believe that it's a lot kinder to keep the occasional tryst secret than to disclose the full gory details of said trysts in an attempt to be "honest." There are those who cheat not because they think "it's better than leaving my family" or "I'm in a sexless marriage" but because it's fun. There are those who have never cheated and never will, but don't give a damn what other people do in their own marriages. And, of course, there are many, many perspectives we can't even begin to fathom. Why? Because every relationship is different.

It's not that we don't appreciate Nightline's attempts to explore topics concerning modern love and relationships. We believe that some of the most important parts of life hinge on precisely those topics. But we also believe there's a lot more to how we live now than God and excuses—whether it's in our bedrooms or on late-night TV.

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