Mixtapes & 6 Other Obsolete Love Trends


Airport good-byes, body hair and housewives are relationship dinosaurs. What's on its way out next?

5. Mixtapes.

Grossman calls them "a tangible way to quantify your love of music or your love for your lover." The medium is old news, but luckily the sentiment persists. The Ultimate Bedroom Playlist


6. Phone Sex. This one still exists between partners, just not strangers. That's a good thing. Here are some tips on how to break the phone sex ice with your S.O.: Phone Sex For Beginners

With internet pornography and online role-playing in games like Second Life, the need for a breathy romp with an erstwhile operator's lost its luster. And it's taken pornographic magazines with it.

7. Singles Bar. Totally. We don't even know what this means.

Tell us: which current love trend do you think will soon be extinct?