6 Secret Places To Meet Men


where to meet men
Guys suggest six unexpected locales where women can go to find love.

Recovery programs. Meetings aren't just for alcoholics anymore (although if you're one of those, we hear AA does have a singles scene). All across the country, people come together throughout their workweeks to vent about their gambling, food and spending addictions. Got $50,000 in student debt and no way to pay it off? There's a group for that. Did your mother stage-manage you through a child modeling career? There might even be a group for that. In any case, we don't recommend crashing a la Helena Bonham Carter in Fight Club, but there's always a category one might fit oneself into for the sake of finding like-minded souls. At least you won't be able to say your man doesn't know what you're going through... Sober Dating: How To Date Without Drinking

Running. This one never fails, in our experience. Picture this: You're running in place, waiting for the little orange hand to make way for the Go signal, and the good-looking barista from the coffee shop jogs up. We practically guarantee a positive reaction if you raise an eyebrow and say, "Race you to Java Jive."


Alaska. "If you're a single woman looking for a single man," one study reports, "Alaska is still a gold mine." When all else fails, head north to Alaska, where the rush is still on for oil millionaires, outdoorsmen and generally all-around great guys. Parking yourself on a street corner with a sign that says, "I'm single and looking for trouble" should do the trick.

Written by Brian Fairbanks for Asylum. Check out the 6 Secret Places To Meet Women we suggested to the men at Asylum.

What are some other under-the-radar ways to meet eligible guys?


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