Ok,so I was in the hospital over the weekend and while I was there I met this really cute guy named Allen who just happens to be a nurse there. Well of course I was attracted to him instantly and when he came in my room to try and redo my iv he had to feel all up and down my arm trying to get a vein and of course I felt the sparks immediately,LOL! That's the first time that has ever really happened to me and I have dated 2 guys! Then,when I was being brought back to my room from having tests we met him at the desk and he just lightly tapped me and I felt it all over. So,when I came home I decided to see if I could try to find him online and I found another nurse who works there on myspace that just happened to have him as a friend. So,I decided to find out some more about him and unfortunately he already has a girlfriend,plus he drinks which is a dealbreaker for me because I am an active Church member and want nothing to do with anything like that,plus he's only 22 years old,which I feel isn't really mature enough for me. But,nevertheless I decided to send him a message just to thank him for all he did for me while I was so sick and he wrote back and said it was nice to meet me and he hoped he could see me again under better circumstances. I'm not sure what all this means. I know he is not the type I am looking for,but I also know I haven't been able to get him off my mind since we met. Good grief the things I get myself into! Sigh!


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