101 Ways To Improve Your Relationship Right Now


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How to reconnect, strengthen your relationship, improve communication, intimacy, and more.

76. Use your body (hands, eyes, mouth, arms, legs etc.) to show him you're paying attention and listening when he talks to you.

77. Wrap your arms around his middle and squeeze as hard as you can. (If you're stronger than him give him a little warning.)

78. Massage a part of her body that you wouldn't usually pay attention to—her forearm, her calf, her butt. (OK, maybe you do pay attention to that part—but you probably don't massage it.)

79. Make a touching date. One night after dinner (or a weekend afternoon—some time when you're relaxed), go to bed and take off your clothes, but leave on your underwear. Make a list of ways to touch (tickle, scratch, massage with fingertips, massage with whole hand, kiss with lips, kiss with eyelashes, squeeze). Then take turns: one person chooses a body part, one person chooses an action, and you switch off touching each other. The key is to avoid having sex or touching the skin beneath the underwear. Is a list too much for you? Skip it and take turns massaging each other--just make sure to avoid having sex!

80. Sneak up behind him for a quick shoulder massage.

81. Stage an impromptu wrestling match.

Switch It Up
82. Pretend to be strangers and pick each other up at a bar.

83. Next time you're out to dinner, offer to treat, as opposed to splitting it or paying from your joint account.

84. Change your alcohol habits for one night. Do you usually drink a lot together? Try abstaining for one night, and see what happens? Don't drink much? Try splitting a bottle of wine between just the two of you and see where it leads.

85. Clean the house together—naked.

86. Set up a bank account where each of you puts $50 a month to go towards something that can be mutually enjoyed.

87. Instead of watching TV, read a story out loud to each other.

88. Have a "no-technology" day or hour or evening.

89. When he's tired from a long day of work, offer to watch a movie he loves but one that you wouldn't normally watch with him.

90. Don't react when he says something annoying.

91. Reverse your spooning (or other snuggling position) for a night.

92. Next time you're going somewhere in the neighborhood together, walk instead of driving. The stroll will give you time to chat.


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