I am a nymphomaniac and can't stop!


I have known for many years that I enjoy sex a little too much. I knew what masturbation was from a very early age. Recently I had an affair with a man that threw my body and emotions in a tail spin. I was separated from my husband at the time and during this time I had sex with over 10 men. All of them were African American. I am hispanic or to most a white girl that speaks spanish. Well I was on a mission to find the biggest cock and the best lover of them all. Well this behavior led to some issues which I am still dealing with. I was having sex with 3 to 4 guys in a single day and not to mention a different guy every night of the week. I found the mandingos I was looking for which left my body not the same. I bled for a month straight and was still having sex. I feel as if I need the sex all the time. I'm trying to work things out with my husband but he too had an affiar but he got the woman pregnant. Both of our worst nightmares came true. His wife is a whore and he got someone pregnant. Now I am lost and confused and don't know what to do.


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