Are Women Too Insecure To Have Sober Sex?


drinking on a date
A recent study tries to convince us. We aren't buying it, though.

It seems as if we are talking about two different things here. Refusing to have sex unless you are drunk, yes, indicative of a problem. But really no different then refusing to have sex with the lights on for instance. Then again, people are victims of habits. A few glasses of wine before sex may feel as natural as washing your hands after using the bathroom, for example.

While some may drink to alleviate mild insecurity, and yes it certainly can make people more likely to strip it off and get nasty, we aren't so certain this means women as a whole are too shy and timid to have sex sober. How does one explain morning sex then? Still running off the fumes from the night before?

Yes, all of us at one point have fallen victim to beer goggles, without a doubt, but how many times have we all gone to dinner, split a bottle of wine, endured a mediocre kiss and decided, eh, not for me. How To Kiss Well

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