Foxy Brown Sex Tape

Foxy Brown sex tape

Foxy Brown's Superhead Tape Leaked. Is it about romance or marketing?

Is American rapper Foxy Brown using a "leaked" sex tape (tentatively entitled, Superhead) as a marketing tool? According to, perhaps, and the leakage is may be a new trend:

But we do have to at least consider such a possibility: it's not been unusual for alleged sex tapes or nude photos to turn up just before the release of a movie, the release of an album, by some comely young woman. Topless pictures of Megan Fox were "leaked" just before Transformers 2 this summer and Vanessa Hudgens latest non High School Musical project's release seemed to conjure lightly clad photos of her from out of the ether.

When the hen a sex tape surfaces, a new offering from the star of said tape is eminent. Not so this time. Brown is slated to release an album, but not until December. So, is this super-forward thinking or did girlfriend just get played?

If the tape is indeed news to her, 2009 is looking to be as bad a year for Ms. Brown as 2008, which saw her sued by Simon and Schuster for reneging on a book deal and sentenced to an eight-months in the clink for assault.

What do you think about celebrity sex tapes: embarrassing or money making?

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