Is One Month Into Dating Too Soon To Get Hitched?


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The pros and cons of marrying someone you hardly know.

2. Living with people you hardly know isn't easy. You know when you and your new best friend at the office are having an amazing time hanging out on your lunch breaks and cracking each other up during after-work happy hours and then one of you suddenly needs a place to live and you decide to become roommates and realize that you can't stand each other? Now imagine doing this with the person you just started dating. Imagine that you're finding his underwear on the bathroom floor every morning and he's cleaning up after your dirty dishes every night. Imagine your new man is your roommate, because that's what he will be if you marry him.

3. You might not actually love each other. You might just be in lust with each other. And lust, while a great jumping off point for love, isn't love and isn't the stuff that long-term relationships are made of.




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