He's shorter & He's 12 yrs older

He's shorter & He's 12 yrs older

So here I am-  a transplant to Europe, engaged to a European and there are still times when I'm completely dumbfounded at the responses I get from seemingly simple acts of kindness and statements I make. I never, as a matter of fact, have a bad thought in my body towards him - I truly love him.
I contribute the problems to a HUGE culture difference to a majority of topics that seem to infuriate my man and cause him to be downright nasty, insulting and mean.......like were from different planets. He's rigid&unwilling to see and view any but his and considers himself superior to MOST.....  after a few hours he  Then gets over it and turns back into the sweet loving man.
We say things in the States that any man would just laugh and not take seriously, but here it's liable to start WW III.

Being that he's 12 yrs. older,  and pig headed, but that shouldn't make any difference. We've been involved for 5 yrs. and next month plan to marry.

any suggestions? I'm 59 and was married before 38 years so I feel I have the ability to get along& understand men - this one is a total love and (hate because of his pig headness)


Expert advice

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