Is he an Emotional Bully?


I admit that I am an emotional woman. I see nothing wrong with expressing my feelings. I am not however an emotional mess that my BoyFriend thinks I am. I'm sure alot of woman can agree that we are wired different from men. What I am having issues with is every time I say something to my BF, Im too emotional. We can be picking back and forth on each other--all in good fun-- he will say the most hurtful things to me. When I get upset about it he says, "Honey, its just a joke. You take things wrong, and are too emotional." I try to explain myself to him, but in his world he is never wrong, and nothing he says or does is that bad, I just take it wrong. Here's an example... The other morning we were talking about our sexual pasts. (we live in a very small town) So, I said," I'm sure you know some of the people I have been with." He says," Yeah I've picked up the phone book." I was floored, I didn't even know what to say to him. I picked up my purse and went home. Yes, I know he was joking,but he takes it too far all the time. Its to the point that I tell him he is just mean to me, and he acts like its nothing, I'm over reacting. So my question is What do I Do? I love the man, he means the world to me, but when he is just mean for no reason What should I do? Am I to Emtional or is he a Bully?


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