6 Sexy Stars Who Wear Single Well


6 Sexy Stars Who Wear Single Well
Whitney, Susan Boyle, Jen: these female celebs are happy without romance. Go girls!

Rihanna We are still concerned. It doesn't appear that Chris Brown is completely resigned to letting Rihanna go, and this is not the sign of a romantic case of the meant-to-be's. Chris abused Rihanna but now he misses her (as does his mother), but for all intents and purposes Rihanna appears to carry on successfully without him. We hope it stays this way—because if the rumors about their Mexican holiday together are true, we're going to have a real ax to grind. Celebrity Love: Chris Brown's Twitter: 'I'm Missing Someone'

Jennifer Aniston You can't have a list of the awesome single women in Hollywood and leave off Jennifer Aniston. We are obsessed with her enigmatic relationship with Gerard Butler, as we are with her ability to keep her chin up as Brad and Angelina carry on with their life together. As we've said before, in the end, the beauty wins. She who laughs last, laughs best. Celebrity Love: Jennifer Aniston Keeps Us Guessing With Gerard

Megan Fox Likewise, love her or hate her, Megan Fox belongs in this club. She is beautiful by universal standards (the Italians, by the way, worship her) and just may be emerging as today's Marilyn Monroe. This bombshell does not need a man on-and-off her arm to keep us intrigued...and we'll only keep loving her if she keeps it that way. Celebrity Love: Megan Fox Dishes On Dating

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