5 Things Married Women Miss


Confessions Of A Married Woman
Even in wedded bliss, one woman confesses, the grass is always greener.

The Younger Man.
I've never dated a younger guy. In fact, I think the only boy I ever dated who was the same age as me at the time was my junior prom date. (My first corsage, my first kiss … sigh. Next!) I was never really a daddy's girl, so …I guess you could say I made up for it in my own way (that college professor never had a chance. Neither did that particular married boss of mine, or that handsome businessman during my post-college year abroad, or ... oops I digress.). But these days, it's not the distinguished Harrison Ford types who catch my eye, it's the nubile young lads who cross my path – from the jailbait hottie lifeguard at the town pool to the Zac Efron look-a-like at my local deli. Why yes, sweeie, I will take that to go … What to expect from a younger man?

And finally … last but not least … my ultimate sacrifice on the sanctified altar of holy matrimony: Johnny Depp.


Sorry Johnny. It would have been beautiful. Maybe in the next life.

So there you have it. It's not a bad deal, I know … in exchange for all those thrills I get to spend my life with a truly great guy, my husband.

Hmm … on second thought … I wonder how he'd look in a cop outfit?

Written anonymously for Betty Confidential.

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