Patrick Swayze's Most Romantic Movies


ghost Patrick Swayze
Dirty Dancing, Ghost, The Outsiders...Swayze made us fall in love with him over and over again.

4. Ghost (1990) — Sure, Whoopi Goldberg's performance was more irritating than Oscar-worthy. And yes, the evil ghosts of the underworld looked more like black plastic trash bags than ominous gatekeepers of hell. Nonetheless, Ghost was the movie that made ceramic arts sexy and Patrick Swayze an even bigger sex symbol than he already was after Dirty Dancing. Who'd of thought it was possible in a script that had him killed off in the first half hour?

5. Point Break (1991) — As surfer/suspected bank robber Bodhi, Swayze had lots of gals swooning over his tan, toned abs. But even more appealing than his body was his easy, amiable way with the people who surrounded him. So charming was he, that even undercover FBI agent/surfer apprentice Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) couldn't resist liking him—even as he was investigating him. Sure, it was a bromance as opposed to a romance, and yes, the whole story was ridiculous, but that doesn't mean we didn't love Swayze a little more after watching it.