Whitney Houston To Oprah: I Lost Myself To Bobby


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Oprah's Whitney Houston talk reveals the dark secrets of marriage to Bobby Brown and their drug use.

Whitney Houston's Oprah interview on Monday was a candid, graceful look inside the heart of a woman the Los Angeles Times once referred to as "a national treasure." Celebrity Love: Recalling Whitney Houston's Bruised Romantic Past

Whitney plunged from the heights of success to the depths of an abusive marriage and a co-dependent drug addiction with now ex-husband Bobby Brown. Her new album I Look to You lays the carpet for her first comeback—professionally and personally—in almost a decade. YourTango's Celebrity Love has recapped part one of Oprah's interview with the the woman, the icon: Whitney Houston.


Oprah: Was marrying Bobby a way to be out of the spotlight?

Whitney: In a sense, because he allowed me to be me. He was fun, passionate, loving. We were crazy lovers...we would look at each other and just sweat.

Oprah: You were the first black princess, and so the princess marries the bad boy. Was that strategic on your part?

Whitney: No, it wasn't...he was interested in me...He was like, "If I asked you to go out with me, would you say yeah?" And I said [thoughtfully], "Yes, yes, I certainly would."...People don't have an idea about that sweet gentle person [he is]...at home he was the father, he was the man, he was very much in control. I liked that...when he said something, I listened. I was very interested in having someone have that control over me because, you know, he was refreshing...He was fun...I would describe [the magnetism between us] as passion.

Oprah says she once heard Whitney quoted as saying that if there was an addiction, it was an addiction to making love.

Whitney: Yes. We did a lot of that. Lots.

Oprah: Was he jealous of you?

Whitney: He's not gonna like this, but yes.

Oprah: And then did you try to overcompensate?

Whitney: I did try to play [who I was] down at that time. I did. I tried to play, I'm Mrs. Brown, don't call me Ms. Houston.

Oprah: Did you lose yourself in that?

Whitney: Yeah, trying to please.

Oprah: You did [Being Bobby Brown] for him.

Whitney: Yeah, I did. I did it for him, I did it with him.

Oprah: Do you think it highlighted the dysfunction between you?

Whitney: (laughs) Yeah I do. I sure do.

Oprah: Were you happy with him?

Whitney: I wasn't happy with the relationship.

Oprah: Were you happy with yourself?

Whitney: I was losing me into the marriage. I was trying to be pleasing...I was determined to prove [the world] wrong [and show them we could last]...I was trying to make a statement.

Oprah: What's the worst thing he ever said to you?

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