7 Celebrities Stalked For Love


7 Celebrities Stalked For Love
Erin Andrews' peeping tom talk on Oprah reminds us of the celeb who've dodged delusional suitors.

Lindsay Lohan was leaving a Scottsdale night club at 1:30 a.m. in December 2008 with Samantha Ronson when stalker and Phoenix resident Daniel Patrick Combs knocked past security guards screaming, "I love her, I love her!" Lindsay reported having seen him before...but these days, maybe Linds has more urgent fish to fry. Celebrity Love: Justin Timberlake Comes Between Sam And Lindsay

Miley Cyrus may have had the weirdest one yet. Fifty-three-year-old Mark McLeod pursued 16-year-old Miley  while she was filming her movie The Last Song in Georgia last August. Disney security guards called the cops on McLeod, who acted uncooperatively with authorities and according to the police chief "just kept saying they [he and Cyrus] made eye contact years ago, and they fell in love." McLeod was also quoted saying, "Nobody will ever be able to keep us apart. We're like one." TMZ also reported he told police, "will f***ing be with Miley ... we're supposed to be together and [authorities] couldn't stop it." Yikes.


Alyssa Milano. In December 2008 Alyssa Milano called for a restraining order against Jeff Turner, the 54-year-old stalker and Santa Cruz native who reportedly hiked miles through Northern California to reach her home. Turner filmed a three-minute video for YouTube, where he says he only wanted to marry her and tells his side of the story, which is no less creepy than Alyssa's must have been. Turner didn't show up to a hearing on the matter but stopped pursuing Alyssa after Venture County courts issued a permanent injunction against him. (Turner has also filmed a documentary called I Think We're Alone Now on his obsession with '80s pop star Tiffany.)

Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sixty-two-year-old David Nolte sought Jennifer Love Hewitt with what ABC News reported as "dozens of graphic letters describing violent and sexual fantasies she said Nolte had sent to her." In December 2008 courts granted her a restraining order against him, and he wasn't allowed to pursue her mother or ex-fiancee either—but he went to her mom's house anyway.

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