Do You Appreciate Unconventional Beauty?

Do You Appreciate Unconventional Beauty?

Beauty can be many things. One man describes his unconventional crushes.

Whenever I want to get my sister riled up, I'll start gushing about Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz, Padma Lakshmi or some other perfect elevens. "Yes, Ryan, they're beautiful, but real women don't look like that! This is why you're still single!" She has a point—sometimes I do let my shallower instincts get the best of me. But I nonetheless consider myself a connoisseur of unconventional beauty.

I'm gonna be straight with you—I have a nasty tendency to get distracted by people's physical "flaws", including my own. It's a significant character flaw that I'm working to fix. And I'm hopeful that I'll eventually get over it, because on more than one occasion I have grown attached to women who initially didn't really do it for me. After all, my idealistic sister and I were both raised to believe that the most important criterion for judging people is their character, not bone structure or body mass index. And we're not the only ones. While the celebrity culture we live in glorifies conformity and the pursuit of cosmetic perfection, humans are still capable of appreciating unique beauty. The Truth About Make-up: A Guy's Take

Here are a few celebrity examples.

Bjork. I've had a crush on Bjork ever since I ran across this supremely strange video in middle school.

Sofia Coppola. Even though she's way too hip for me, I've had a crush on Sofia Coppola since Godfather III. And she's also partially responsible for one of my favorite mood music albums, the soundtrack from The Virgin Suicides, which was composed by the amazing French duo Air.


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