Im standing up for myself!!!


Me and Rocky have been seeing eachother for almost two months. The only time he ever seems to want to be with me is when his friends are busy, and it's always at night. He still has yet to take me out to dinner or on any kind of date. One thing that kept me holding on, was I didn't mind not seeing him or talking to him all the time. We both just knew we came "home" to eachother. It let me feel free and not tied down when I went out with the girls, but I still had that companion. Over time he has done and said hurtfull things to me even though I was always there at his becking call. I ended up letting all that pass thinking well maybe he will like me more the better he gets to know me. Last night was the last straw, I stayed the night with him wed. night knowing he was leaving friday early morning to go to Idaho for work and was going to be gone for three weeks. So Thursday morning when I was getting ready to go back home I asked if that was going to be the last time I was going to see him for the next three weeks. He said well I will be home tonight so we agreed I would come stay the night. Tell me why I called after work got no answer, went to bed woke up at 4:00am, then tried again at 7:30am still nothing. Now he is gone in Idaho and totally bailed on our plans. So I have decided enough is enough time to dump his sorry ass.


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