Is It Possible To Spot A Liar?

By YourTango

How To Spot A Liar
How to spot a liar: four sure-fire signals that you haven't been using.

Liars might also need to stall in order to come up with details about their story. A 2001 study published in Neuroreport found that lying was associated with longer response times.

Voice Cues


The pitch of one's voice may also increase when he or she is lying, which could be a clue of storytelling.

One of the challenges in detecting lies through body language is that not all lies are created equal—some are white lies; others are fabricated under extreme duress where the stakes are high. Therefore, not all reactions are the same. One of the biggest challenges for lay people trying to detect them is that we don't expect them — most of us think we're getting the truth.

Written by Brie Cadman for DivineCaroline.

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