7 Terrible Ways To Propose


There are good and bad ways to pop the question. And then there are terrible ways.

Rule 5: Don't propose on television. This includes those giant screens at baseball games, tapings of the Tyra Banks Show, community access television, and videos that you plan to upload to YouTube. Seriously, if you think the restaurant proposal comes with a lot of potential headaches, just wait for thousands of people in a stadium to turn the pressure on. 7 Things Jon & Kate Can Teach Us About Love

Rule 6: Don't propose with a ring that you once proposed to someone else with. Sure, that last person didn't work out, and sure, you hate for a perfectly good ring to go to waste. But, really, this is just tacky.


Rule 7: Don't mix sex and proposals. First, cliche. Second, do you really mean it, or is it just the good sex? Your fiance may never know.