4 Political Summer Sex Scandals We'll Never Forget


Sarah Palin Ted Kennedy John Edwards Levi Johnston Mark Sanford
Sarah Palin, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards and Mark Sanford shocked us in summer of '09.

Sarah Palin scandal just never gets old. We're swivel-heads over the porn spoof, divorce rumors, and the fact that her grandbaby's daddy Levi Johnston has turned into the official media tattle-tale on the Palins. Click on the node below to see what we just heard he told Vanity Fair about Sarah wanting to adopt Bristol's baby to keep the teenager's pregnancy from damaging her campaign. (Okay, isn't that what they did when girls had babies out of wedlock after World War II? What year is this again?) Levi also spilled that Todd and Sarah often sleep separately and do in fact discuss divorce often. We may learn more from Sarah's book, for which she's being paid a reported eight figures from one of the world's "big three" publishing houses. Celebrity Love - Palin Wanted Daughter's Pregnancy To Stay Hush

Ted Kennedy left a legacy of turmoil behind closed doors when he passed away in late August. Last week we reported that his memoir, on shelves next week, finally reveals his relationship with Mary Jo Kopechne the woman his 1969 car crash killed. Story is, there was no romance; the two barely knew each other; and all they had in common was their sadness over his brother Bobby's 1968 death. After his divorce from first wife Joan in the early 1970s, Kennedy surfed the singles scene with abandon and got caught in loads more disgrace cases including paparazzi snaps of him in 1989 having sex with an unnamed woman on a boat in Europe and getting drunk with nephew William K. Smith the night Smith was accused of rape in 1991. Ted Kennedy married second wife Vicki in 1992 and attributed his moral turnaround to her steadfastness and faith in him. Celebrity Love - Ted Kennedy's Romantic History

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