Potential Love or on a DeadEnd Date


In the scheme of casual dating, as women, we all specifically know the qualities we are looking for in a man.  We go on those terrible first dates, those extremely wonderful yet he never calls back first dates, those unstimulated and would have been time for a good nap date, those awkward dates where he falls in love with you at first sight yet the feelings aren't mutual, then there are those dates that confuse the heck out of you.  The date where he is charming, good-looking, polite, successful and everything else you are looking for in a guy.  Our date was wonderfully great, but why aren't we as excited as we thought we would be for finally finding someone who doesn't make us want to inflict pain on our self just so we have a reason to leave the date.  We may ask yourself, what's missing?  As a strongly intuitive woman, I take this as a sign that in some important aspect, he just isn't the complete package.  But sometimes we are in the stage of our life, where we are just longing for some love and affection and a relationship with a good man, whether he is completely what we are looking for or not.  So because we've only been on one date, we tell our intuitive voice to shut its pie hole and find  excuses for why the "butterflies" are absent and therefore accept a second date.  Even after the first few dates there are still no butterflies or excitement, yet we continue to progress in this bogus mockery of a potential relationship.  Two dates turn into three dates, three dates turn into three weeks of dates and all throughout this, while we're discussing our feelings about this oblivious "Mr. Almost Perfect" with our closest gal pal, we continue to make excuses for why he's just "nice" and not "omg I am utterly and completely giddy for this dude!"  "Love takes time" we tell our self.  "Love is friendship set on fire" is another excuse we use.  So weeks of dates turn into months of time spent together and finally it turns into changing our facebook status to "In a Relationship" because on one of our mediocre nights spent together, he confesses his deep feelings for us and expresses how he wants these casual dates to be committed to only us.  We're neck deep into a relationship that from the start, we never experienced an ounce of excitement.  Yet we've tricked "Mr. Almost Perfect" into falling in love with us because we wanted so bad to have a relationship that we turned down the volume on the little voice in the back of our heads.  It's a year later and our relationship is a monotonous expression of a false love just because it was so highly desired and throughout this we have developed a friendship with a man who will love and sacrifice life for us, yet we've finally determined- this isn't love. 

The dead end was reached.  The dead end was reached soon after our first date.  Yet it's a year later, and we're having to break someone's heart, someone who we really do care for, and we're having to change back our facebook status to "Single."  How is it that we are able to effectively determine between a dead end date and a potential love?  Please, please, entice me with your words of experience so I don't become known as the "Heart-breaking Whore"


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