9 Celebs Who Survived Being Cheated On


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These humiliated spouses came out looking like good guys after their significant others strayed.

Jackie Kennedy: The former First Lady endured not only her husband's pretty blatant affairs, but his horrific assassination and subsequent canonization by the entire country. That has to sting, especially when you might be a little conflicted about just how good a guy he was. JFK's alleged extramarital lovers were legion, including Angie Dickinson and Marilyn Monroe; although Jackie almost certainly knew of her husband's unfaithfulness, her stoic dignity earned her the devotion of the American people for decades after his death.

Guy Ritchie: We have always kind of liked Guy Ritchie, even when he put Madonna in that godawful remake of Swept Away. He seemed to be a kind of grounding presence; when she would start rambling in her bizarre British accent and having delusions that she was some sort of royalty, his salt-of-the-earthiness would usually bring her back down to make pretty decent albums, like 2000's Music. But then she started trying to out-Angelina Angelina, adopting a horde of kids who already had parents, and running around with progressively younger men: first Alex Rodriguez, now Jesus Luz. Guy threw in the towel, immersing himself in work on Sherlock Holmes and earning himself a new wingman in Robert Downy Jr. 

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