9 Celebs Who Survived Being Cheated On


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These humiliated spouses came out looking like good guys after their significant others strayed.

Shania Twain: Seriously, who cheats on Shania Twain?! She's a goddess. And she's from the back woods of Canada, so we're pretty sure girlfriend knows her way around various weapons. But her husband of fourteen years, producer Robert "Mutt" Lange, allegedly had an affair with one of Shania's best friends, the family's assistant, Marie-Anne Thiébaud. "She was devastated," a friend of Shania's told People. "This isn't just about her—it's her career, her life, her child, someone she thought was a close friend: Everything gets pulled out from underneath her." Shania has been out of the spotlight, recording her next album and raising her eight-year-old son, but we're confident she'll rebound from this. Shania Twain To Marry? Tyra Too?

Robin Wright Penn: The erstwhile Princess Buttercup deserves a medal, or perhaps some sort of battlefield promotion, for staying married to Sean Penn as long as she has (thirteen years and counting, if they reconcile again). The couple filed for divorce last month for the third time in as many years; their relationship, which produced two children, has been dogged by rumors that Sean has had flings with Jewel, Kate Moss, Natalie Portman and Sienna Miller. And at this year's Oscars, when he won his second Best Actor trophy for Milk, Sean neglected to thank Robin for, you know, not dumping his ass. That must take super-human patience, but it appears even Robin's supply has run out. Should You Tell A Friend Her Husband Is Cheating?