5 Tips For Beating First-Date Nerves


first-date nerves
Nervous about your first date? Don't be. Here are five tips to turn fear into excitement.

5) Deep breaths.

Simple but effective. Whenever I'm about to give a big speech or match wits with a larger-than-life television personality, I take a few deep ones. There are medical reasons why this works; all I know is that it slows things down for me. I guess you could also picture your date naked, but if things are going well that should do anything but calm you down.


How do you quiet your nerves before a big date? Are you like lindsgirl—can the anxiety be overwhelming? What's the most nervous you've ever been before a date? Have you ever been with a guy whose nervousness freaked you out? Most important, what do you think about my tips?

Written by Ryan Dodge for Glamour.

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