25-Year Age Difference: Can It Work?


age difference
She was 17, he was 42. Advice about how one couple handled their age difference.

Morally, I knew our actions were wrong—we had broken the seventh Commandment—but Tom was no longer in love with his wife. At that point their marriage was only a bond represented on paper. I was 18, legally an adult and in love, and not remorseful for my lustful actions. I also knew our feelings for one another were genuine. It pained me to hear others categorize my feelings as a crush, or say that I was just falling for him because I was desperate for male attention. I couldn't believe all the passion, adoration, and heartfelt laughs between us were fake or wrong. The lies we told to steal moments together were dishonest, but our love was real.

About a year later, after Tom had spent many a night in my college dorm room, our romance was still in full force, and Andrea finally told Tom he had to leave their home. He hadn't left yet because uprooting yourself from your job, children, family, and life as you know it isn't a Tuesday afternoon task. It takes months of saving money, planning and goodbyes. Several months later, we had an apartment together in downtown Philadelphia. Although it wasn't always easy, the more time passed, the more we realized our fight to keep our relationship afloat was worth the effort. After living together for four years, we married in October 2003.


Advantages of dating an older man abound, from better emotionally stability to having a stronger sense about what they want out of life and a relationship. Older men are more capable of caring and not just thinking about themselves. And let's just hope that a 45-year-old man has a better grasp on his finances than his 25-year-old counterpart. The Benefits Of Marrying A Much Older Man

Plus, the sex, in my experience, is spectacular. An older guy knows the importance of sexuality and sensuality. He cares about learning the curves of your body and knowing what makes you curl your toes. He notices if he does something that makes you cringe with revulsion. Mature men appreciate your youthful, supple flesh in a way younger men can't, since they've seen firsthand what happens with age.

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