What is True Love? Does it exist?


Some people have a hard time saying the words, "I love you", even though they may feel the love. But then, it seems to me, that most people who do say those three simple little words, say them most of the time for the wrong reasons. They are said too easily and without emotion, compassion or feelings.

What is Love, anyways? I know that it hurts a lot of times. I know that I have been very unlucky in love many times! Or maybe I am not being thankful for the times that I have felt what I consider to be love. I don't mean to be ungreatful, but to lose in love, I guess can make a person bitter. Especially when it happens several times!

It makes me wonder if I will ever find "True Love", or if it even exists anymore. I know it used to, my parents were in love all of my life! They were in love until the day my 'dear ol dad' passed away. They were married almost 50 years, which is something I will never get to do, as I am 2 years away from being 50 years old, myself. But these days, it seems, it's easier to just give up. Love is too hard and complicated for most. And that is sad, because we are cheating ourselves by not fighting or working hard enough for love. But then again, maybe most people don't really know what it's like to be "in love", or maybe most are satisfied with just being "in heat"! Well, like the late, great Stevie Ray Vaugh said, "I ain't gone and give up on love." Not yet anyways!


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