An Easy Gift To Help You Hang On To Happy Memories


An Easy Gift To Help You Hang On To Happy Memories
This unique project brings you and your significant other closer together, no matter the distance.
  • You could use different color paper to represent different sorts of memories. Opt for a very special type of paper to commemorate a wedding day, the birth of the first child. Or, you could use any old scrap paper lying around.
  • Don't neglect the smaller details, like the time he massaged your feet after work or the day you two found a TV show both sides could tolerate. 10 Simple Things Women Want
  • If you don't know how to fold cranes, you could simply roll each slip of paper up and tie it with a ribbon, or find some special way of packaging each memory.
  • You can also include other objects as well: photos, souvenirs, ticket stubs.
  • A glass jar or old vase can be used in lieu of a wooden box, depending on your decor or tastes. You could also spent time together decorating the container.
  • Make it a habit to put at least 1 new memory in the jar a week.

So that's my quick and easy way to enhance my relationship. What are some of your crafty ideas?

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