5 Things Single Women Can't Resist


how to land a lady
Five female-approved pick-up tips we recommend every man follow.

4.) An Attentive Ear: We want to know all about why you think Obama's healthcare plan sucks, your musical gripes with the Arctic Monkeys, and how your neighborhood has the best Thai in the whole city. Really. We do. But if we're rattling on about the epiphany we had while backpacking through Greece, PIPE DOWN AND LISTEN. Refer to #1. Wait for a pause, another beat for good measure, and then politely work in your opinions about hostels in Amsterdam. The Frisky: Crush of the Day: Sam Kass, White House Assistant Chef

5.) A Big-Boy Accessory: Spending a month's pay on a gold medallion isn't going to charm the pants off us. But never underestimate the brownie points you'll earn when we surreptitiously notice a nice, understated watch. Or pair of shoes, a slick jacket or a nifty haircut. Just a sprinkling to let us know you've progressed beyond backwards baseball caps and basketball jerseys. Fashion Meets Finance: True Love