8 Celebrities Whose Deaths Left Mourning Exes


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DJ AM's death reminds us of the late stars whose ex-lovers miss them most of all.

Elvis Presley.  Elvis and Priscilla Presley had been married for just six years (but together for 14) when they divorced in 1973, reportedly holding hands during the court proceeding. When Elvis passed in 1977 at 42, he left behind Priscilla and their five-year-old daughter Lisa Marie. Priscilla attended Elvis' funeral and in 1987 published a memoir about their relationship. It's reported she oversees Elvis Presley Enterprises to this day.

Kurt Cobain. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain were married for two years  and had daughter Frances Bean before Kurt's apparent suicide in 1994. While they never officially split, the relationship was notoriously volatile, with Courtney reading Kurt's suicide note to his thousands of funeral attendees and interjecting her own comments about how he should have given up rock and roll and asking the crowd to join her in chanting that Kurt was an "a**hole."


Sonny Bono. Sonny and Cher carried on famously as friends after their 13-year relationship that ended in divorce in 1975. Together they had daughter Chastity (now living as a man named Chaz), and Cher delivered a six-minute eulogy after Sonny's death in 1998. At her flustered delivery, Cher said, "He is someplace loving this...we were definitely a marriage made in heaven...how proud I am of what he made himself after we were separated." She called him "the most unforgettable character I ever met" and in 1998 told Ellen that she felt a connection with Sonny more than with anyone else in her life. Of their bond she said, "It was perfect." Celebrity Love: Chastity Bono Becoming A Man, May Get Married

Farrah Fawcett. Farrah's battle with cancer brought her nearly three-decade, on-and-off romance with Ryan O'Neal to a boil. In 2009 just before her passing, Farrah agreed to marry Ryan, but they never got to exchange vows. She also reconciled with ex-husband Lee Majors just before she died on June 25. Celebrity Love: Farrah Fawcett And Ex Reconcile Before Her Death

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