So in I came and did as I was told.

      *  *  *  *  *  *

  SOME TIME and not a few moans later, she announced she was done with the dishes. Female289 took hold of my c*** again and led me out on to her outdoor balcony where she had one of those nice s*x couches waiting. She said, “Now lie down I’m going to ride that little c*** of yours.”  I lay down as told and she mounted me and began to ride me, slowly at first. She bent over to kiss me as she rode. I sucked at her nice t**s. This is Super!


 I held her bald head and we kissed deeply. She sat up and shrieked and moaned as she rode faster… She rode me for maybe 15 to 20 minutes, I can only guess, making those wonderful female sounds that I like to hear. Then my Wrist Com chimed and Female401was on the line. “Yes Female, I am here in 289. Female289 is just enjoying me” I said.

 “Oh, I’ll come right away and help.” Soon Female401 arrived and Female289 said to her, “Come and ride this male’s little c***. It’s really fun! …


    **************      Female401 said to me a few minutes later as we lay there in an embrace, “Now, don’t you go and finish on me just yet, Male. You have a job to do down at the Medical Center.”

 “Ok, whatever you wish, Female” I said, sitting up. She wrapped her legs around me. “Are you sure you can do this?” she asked.

 “I believe I can Female” I said. Now, with strength I’d never before known, I rose up with her mounted on me.

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