I am intrigued by your small 6” size.” With that statement she began to give me a fabulously wonderful….

    *  *  *  *  *  *

 TRUE to her word, as we left my room at the Medical Center hand in hand, I saw females here and there being carried about while mounted upon muscular males. I also saw couples here and there making love on couches and other soft pedestals which were placed along the way, as Female told me, just for that purpose. I also felt warm air circulated about me, in this beautiful domed city of love, so that walking about n***d felt quite normal and comfortable. I looked up as we left the Medical Center and observed the Beautiful Dome that covered the city. So I had correctly guessed that the air was filtered and climate controlled …


   *  *  *  *  *  *

 INDOOR HALLWAYS of the building are carpeted and outdoor ones are not. There is a nice pastel color décor for each level. As I walked along the hallway of level 2 of the building, a female came out of her apartment and was surprised to see me walking alone.

  Hi, I am Male501E” I said. “I just moved in.” “Oh yes, I’ve heard of you. I am Female289E. You’re the male who has come to us from the past.”

“Yes that’s me” I said. “I’ve been here only a short time and I’m just finding my way around.”

“Well, come right in. You can pleasure me while I wash a few dishes” she said.

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