I feel I will melt when I look at you… I just love that bronze skin tone you have… You are slim with nicely rounded hips…

 *  *  *  *  *  *

  Female 401E spoke again in her sweet voice. “First I want to help you with what you’ll see when we exit the Medical Center. You will see females mounted on males as they go about their business. It is customary for females to mount a male for trips here and there. Females do not do a lot of walking in our society they simply mount a male if one is handy.”


 “As you’ve seen I am sure, the males here are incredibly strong in the legs and arms and of course you may also notice how large and strong the male’s c**** are.”

      *  *  *  *  *  *

 “OK, YOU’LL ALSO see couples from time to time along the way and on the commuter trams making love. Do not stare. You see, in our society, beauty and love and making love are life-long desires we all have. Love and making love is what our society is all about. It is what we’ve been genetically engineered to do. We celebrate healthy living and s*x. It is our way.”

 “No worries Female. I understand and agree fully.”

 “Now I want to get to know you better, Male, before your c*** grows as large as the other males.

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