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It all started with a fantasy


We dated for a little over a year, and then married. Almost inseperable, we finished each other's sentences. Before we were married, we told each other about our sexual histories, our fantasies, and experiences. It was fuel to the hot sex life we shared.

Time went on and I, and after a few years of having my sexual appetite matched and out run, I started to feel stagnate in our relationship. I had mentioned to him that I had been with a woman before and it was my ultimate fantasy to be involved in a threesome, we found several willing women that made our fantasy come true over and over again. About twice a year we would indulge in our fantasy. He was lucky becuase I never wanted to turn to another man and I never hindered him from being completely free with another woman, as long as I was there.

Now after seven years of marriage, and making love almost every day of it. I'm tired. I'm not tired of sex, just sex with him. I have a new fantasy and it invovles other men.

My fantasy is to dominate men. To have them worship and adore me. You want to know what is really funny. with my husband I want to be dominated! Be completely under his complete control and protection, but he won't step up to the plate. He has always been docile and passive, but horny.

But as far as my dark side I am being indluged with what I want most and I have met several men that help me make this fantasy become a reality.


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