New Couple: Jennifer Aniston And Gerard Butler?


New Couple: Jennifer Aniston And Gerard Butler?
The Bounty costars spotted dining, cuddling together. It's love!

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler have been shooting The Bounty in the stifling, disgusting New York heat for several weeks now, and it appears that things other than the weather have also been heating up. The rumor-magnet couple, who play a bounty hunter and his ex-wife, whom he is sent to retrieve in the comedy directed by Hitch's Andy Tennant, was spotted at The Jane Hotel, holding hands and looking awfully pretty. Well, okay. They're always pretty.

A source tells People that Jen and Gerard spent Saturday night at the trendy Meatpacking District hotel's lounge, enjoying cocktails with others from the movie as well as Kirsten Dunst. They were also seen at the painfully hip restaurant Freemans on the Lower East Side before heading to The Jane. Jen's rep, Stephen Huvane, denies that his client is in a relationship with Gerard, but we've heard that song and dance from him so many times it's like white noise now. 5 Things Single Women Hate To Hear


Gerard is having a big year, with the inexplicable success of July's The Ugly Truth and two fall films. He's said as recently as early August that he's single and looking, but the normally dour Jen has been looking quite delighted in photos from the set of The Bounty. If she's breaking off a piece of that delightfully gruff Scotsman, good for her. Of course, it wouldn't do much to dispel this nasty rumor coming from US Weekly: "Jennifer won't date a normal guy. She goes after the hottest thing of the moment, what she knows will get her the most time in the spotlight."

In that case, we just can't wait for the night when she's snapped sucking face with Robert Pattinson or canoodling with a Jonas brother. Come on, that would be awesome.

Via Limelife and Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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