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Katherine Heigl Sporting A Baby Bump?

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Katherine Heigl spotted out shopping for baby stroller with hubby.

Paging Dr. Izzie Stevens, we may have a baby on the way. 
According to AceShowBiz.comKatherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley were spotted out in Beverly Hills on Saturday shopping for a baby stroller. Paparazzi caught the couple outside high-end baby boutique Bel Bambini. The Grey's Anatomy actress was wearing a loose tunic dress—perfect for hiding an emerging baby bump. And to top it off, Heigl had a lollipop in her mouth instead of her usual cigarette.
But as much as this recent outing has fueled pregnancy rumors, neither Josh or Katherine have confirmed or denied the speculation. 
It seemed at first the couple of three years was planning to adopt, at least according to an October 2008 interview the 27 Dresses star gave to Access Hollywood: "[Adoption is] sort of something we're looking into doing in the future," she said. "It's definitely something I'm very passionate about, have always felt passionately about." 
Perhaps passion for adoption didn't trump passion in bed. 

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.


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