The Links: When She's The Breadwinner


The Links: When She's The Breadwinner
Are you a nightmare date? Benefits of being poorly endowed. An orgasm caught on MRI.

It's a hump day. Here is the best stuff the interwebs had to offer about love, relationships and a little bit of sex this week.

My homegirls, Em & Lo (, have a crazy video taken from a MRI machine. Essentially, it shows a couple having intercourse and the woman achieving an orgasm. I suppose I owe someone a buck, the female orgasm does exist... Not safe for work, it being a MRI of two people making whoopie and all.


Yoibles. Over at Asylum, a fellow called Alan Weider pimps his book The Year Of The C**k with a list of 13 benefits of being poorly endowed. Somehow "being able to sit down on the toilet and not worrying about touching the water" didn't make the list. I'm hoping he gets a cameo on Hung next season.

The gang at Cosmopolitan realize that it's possible to have a real sweetheart of relationship with a real snoozer of a sex life. They give tips on how to relish the former and repair the latter. Big Jim Slade, interestingly, is not mentioned as a solution.  

As part of their "deal breaker or not a deal breaker" series, Glamour asks if being taken to a fast food restaurant on a date is a red flag the size of an African elephant (bulls weigh around 15,000 lbs). Two questions: 1) Which fast food joint? If you're from somewhere they don't have Chick-fil-a and he takes you to one, you may should feel obligated to do stuff that there's not even names for.* 2) Are we talking under "normal" conditions or during this drive-by fruiting of an economy? Valentine's Day At Wendy's

Over at the Huffington Post, Rebecca Booth, PhD, makes a connection that few other people would have between Prop 8 and menopause. It's not an end-of-Usual-Suspects level revelation, but a good question, if a touch hair-splitty.

Jezebel has a quick commentary on the job-loss situation in which the term "breadwinner wives" has been coined. The downturn has hurt men more than women in terms of job-loss. Rosie The Riveter made do, though her husband was away fighting Jerry, not home watching The Price Is Right while desperately trying to find any way to provide for his family.

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