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When Dating, How Important Is Someone's Name?

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We'd be lying if we said names don't help or hinder our attraction to someone new.

All this buzz over that Baby Name Wizard application had us thinking about names. Particularly names and how they mangle our view of someone upon meeting them. Nameplate Necklaces: An Update

You know what we're talking about. For instance, ever notice how Emily's are a little flaky? Guys with the name Billy always have some sort of an ego problem, and have you ever met a Bethany who wasn't really attractive?

You could probably dispute all of the above, of course, but even the Baby Name Wizard has a portion where you rate a name in terms of how smart, sexy, friendly, creative, young, strong and sophisticated it sounds. Attraction At First Eye Contact?

Which, admittedly, some names just inherently have it in the bag. Afterall, doesn't Angelina or Natasha or Antonio just sound a little sexier then say, Leah or John?

Personally, we've always had bad romantic luck with the name "Greg." We're not sure we've ever dated a "Mark," but can't seem to rid ourselves of "Brian"s.

What about you? Are there any names that automatically grind your gears or get you going? Do you notice any patterns? 


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