So You Want To Ask Him Out? Read On


So You Want To Ask Him Out? Read On

Never start out by saying, "You know it's totally okay if
you're busy/don't want to but....." That screams "I've been rejected 1, 678
times! Please don't be 1,679!" If you're interested in someone, say that. "I had
a great time talking to you the other night. I'd love to get together again for
a drink. Let me know if you're free." Note I didn't say "Let me know if you're
interested." Whether or not they're interested doesn't matter. You're not
invested in the outcome, remember? Maybe they are, maybe they're not. Either
way, the world will still spin on its axis and you'll eventually find someone
who is. Until then, you're as okay as you were before you met this person.

3. Accept Certain Realities - Men like younger women,
women like men who are financially secure and ambitious. Stop hating on those
people. That resentment will blind you to other possibilities.
And....Don't Date & Blog

Since I know way more female bloggers than male ones, I'll say this to the
ladies. Do not blog about your love life unless you know for sure the guy won't
read it. If you do blog about your love life, keep that fact to yourself until
you and the guy are sure you're headed somewhere. Never, ever trust a man who,
after only a few dates, says "Wow, you write a dating blog and you'll possibly
write about me? Cool!" Narcissist alert! I said this in an earlier post. Men do
not understand our need to share private details about our lives with strangers.
The men who do like the idea of being depicted with a cute Nickname on a blog
have a self-serving reason for that. And it's usually that they get off hearing
that a woman is so smitten that she is bursting at the seams to tell people. 
Trouble had a great quote and for the life of me I can't find it. It went
something like this: By airing your private thoughts and fears and feelings,
you're letting a man see a side of you that he should earn the right to see.


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