Passion: Love or Heartbreak?

By YourTango

Passion: Love or Heartbreak?

Thus, passion is really about suffering.  And, well, I’m tired of
suffering in relationships and tired of deprivation.  You get to a
point where the inner turmoil of loving a maniac loses its romantic
sparkle and you want something that sticks.

Still, I am who I am, and I want to be as hot and bothered by a man, as I am comforted and contained.


Rather than finding someone who stirs my passion, maybe the point
should be to find someone who has his own passion, so our two fires can
fuse together and spark a volcano.  Rather than connecting myself to
someone who lets me know through suffering how deeply I can love, the
goal should be to find a person who doesn’t consider sharing and
intimacy a death sentence.

A man can be a maverick without being a loser, and his intensity can
be unwavering instead of chaotic.  He can be hot-blooded and also able
to commit himself, self-assured without forgetting to be kind.  The
challenge for a woman is to be emotionally ready for such a unique

And be lucky enough to find him.

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