My Uterus, Husband, and I Agree—No Children

By YourTango

My Uterus, Husband, and I Agree—No Children
Does not having a child make you any less of a woman? No, and here's why.

I could be mad at my uterus for placing me in a caste of women who aren't worthy to be part of the in crowd dominated by mommies. I could be mad that I endure criticism for making a choice that is right for me (other than following the crowd.) Instead I embrace my uterus (and praise God for the IUD) as the logical partner to my brain that said to me, "I'm not going to define you. You define yourself. Forget I'm here." Is a marriage worth staying in if your husband doesn't want children and you do?

Written by Juniper for DivineCaroline.

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