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Dominant Man's Online Search

 I don't negotiate. If you're going to be my girl, I make this as clear as possible, you won't be making many decisions on your own. You won't be out clubbing with your friends. You'll be home on your knees, on a tight leash, taking care of your Man and serving me as I see fit.


I cannot get through this without a good giggle.  I can understand the whole obedient lover role on occasion, but 24/7?  Are there women like that?  Really? I am not here to judge, but I’m just saying…

In the past, I have had lovers that were demanding and a playfully rough.  They told me what to do and how to do it – And to my surprise, it WAS a turn on.  Being a strong woman, who makes big decisions in her career and for her children is an everyday necessity.  In the bedroom, it can be completely un-burdening to go brainless and become someone else’s slave lover.  But this Alpha man takes it to an everyday minute-by-minute lifestyle. 

I have a hard time imagining that any woman would want to be brainless anywhere outside the bedroom, TV room or the bathtub.  I highlighted the part that offended me outright, but it was not being able to pick out my own fashions that was the deal killer for me!  Can she never wear sexy heels? What would he have his girlfriend wear? He as much as said a dog collar or choke chain.  How is she allowed to dress for the grocery store?  Does she have to look good or does he dress her down and make her wear sweats with no make up?  I am curious?  I hope Dominant Man reads this and satisfies our curiosity by writing us back.

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