I <3 Stanford


I <3 Stanford

Notice the picture i selected for this post...the girl's hair is blowing freely in the wind and there's nothing stopping her from enjoying herself.This picture signifies freedom; she's free.The Stanford motto is "Die Luft der Freiheit weht", a German phrase which translates to "the wind of freedom blows".Most of us have felt imprisoned by circumstances one time or another so most of us can identify with this quote...or part of this quote.I'm sure most of you guys can identify with the term "blows"....most fights result in it..[i apologize for the poor stab at humour].Anyways, i live in a developing country where a majority of the population is illiterate and corruption hangs over the place like an ominous dark cloud.Women cannot walk the streets freely without being hollered at or being stared at..and not even the flattering kind of staring, i'm talking about the type of leering that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe and violated.I'm talking about men who are more than twice your age eating you up with their eyes...it's disgusting..more than that, it's just plain sad.There's no equality between the sexes here..oh no women are expected to be subservient to men.We're not free....we can't fly.The wind of freedom does not blow here...not for us women at least.A year ago i would not have thought about going to Stanford...i was all about the "Ivy League" back then.Have you guys seen the tv show "Chuck"?Well if you haven't i think you should because that show is friggin' awesome!Anyways, the protagonist of the show went to Stanford and in one of the episodes he goes back to visit his college and that's where i got my first glimplse of Stanford.I remember thinking to myself: "I would really love to go there".After watching that episode i visited the Stanford website and voila...it was love at first sight.I felt an instant connection with the institution...at least with it's website.I know it doesn't make much sense but i felt a kind of kinship with the establishment.Weird huh?Anyways, i've wanted to attend Stanford ever since.I don't know i will get to...there's so much competition nowadays.I only hope that the admissions officer sees something in my essay that convinces him/her that i would be a good addition to the Stanford alumni.Either that or i wish he or she mistakenly places my form in the acceptance pile...i'm hoping it's the former.Stanford is essentially my ticket to a better, brighter future.I think it will help me embrace my true potential; I think Stanford will give me wings so that i can fly.I'm hoping that the wind of freedom will finally blow in my direction.

So if my luck has turned and a Stanford admissions officer/alumni member happens to be reading this: PLEASE ACCEPT ME!


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