The 6 Best Superhero TV Husbands


Just because a guy has super powers doesn't make him a super husband.

-Richard Tyler (The 4400, Ali Mahershalalhashbaz): There's a good chance that you've never seen The 4400 (if you like superhero TV drama, check it out, it may be better than Heroes). The telekinetic (able to move things with his mind) hero has loved his wife since before she was born as he once dated her grandmother (not creepy, superhero time-travel at work). Richard is galvanized by his wife's death to do great things. The widower carries Lily in his heart wherever he goes. His powers will likely make housework a snap. (Seriously, NetFlix the first DVD.)

-Jonathan Kent (Smallville, John Schneider): While many fathers and husbands on primetime TV are inept from get "Gogo Yubari," Jonathan Kent is the model of decent and good. Sure, he only has actual superpowers for a handful of episodes, his relationship with Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) forms the basis by which Clark Kent will become a truly super man and eventually a pretty excellent husband to Lois Lane. Wholesomeness and the inability to do wrong (without a really good reason) is what great husbands are made of. Read: How I Fell Madly In Lust With My Husband


Anyone who I left off of the list? Any super powers you look for in a husband? Please chime in.

*Superhero TV is any show about characters with super powers who use those abilities to fight evil and injustice and maybe they wear fun costumes.

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