Love Bytes: If You Cook It, He Will Propose

Love Bytes
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Pickup tips from Mad Men, recycle your sex toys, and a case against having children.

Love Bytes: Nine must-click sex, love and relationship links.

Pickup tips from Mad Men. [AskMen]

Another successful engagement chicken story. [Glamour]

A sex toy recycling program that's both kinky and green. [Current]

Tips and tricks for how to have sex on the beach. [Lemondrop]

5 signs that you are a stalker. [DivineCaroline]

"The Future Is a Cruel Hoax." Why one woman chose to be childless. [More]

The stepping stone to the perfect outfit is the right underwear. Here are your options. [CollegeCandy]

How to talk so that he will listen. [Women's Health]

Improve your likeability quotient. [HuffPo]


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