6 Summer Birds & Bees Lessons From Celebs


Gisele Bundchen celebrity pregnancies
Celebrity pregnancies come in all packages this summer. Here are the good, the bad and the wacky.

It's been the summer of unexpected expectancies. Celebrities are conceiving offspring left and right, but the stories are rarely, well, normal. YourTango's Celebrity Love has compiled a list of recent high-profile pregnancies that are more astonishing than childbirth and totally off the register.

Kourtney Kardashian. First she wouldn't tell who the dad is. Second she loves her new boobs. Third she considered an abortion. But what's the single most shocking part of Kourtney's pregnancy? That she kept it secret for months then used it for publicity. Kourtney might take Miami, but oops! She forgot to take birth control. Celebrity Love: Who's The Dad Of Kourtney Kardashian's Baby?


John Edwards. In late June it came out that Rielle Hunter's baby is indeed the daughter of John Edwards, and this week Hollywood Gossip reported that Elizabeth Edwards is demanding a DNA test. Elizabeth, we're in your corner, but haven't you been through enough? And John, are you seriously moving the other woman and baby closer to you and your poor terminally ill wife? Celebrity Love: John Edwards Moves Ex-Lover, Child Closer To Home

Nas and Kelis. Imagine going into labor just days after your divorce is finalized and you're awarded tens of thousands in child support. We can't take anything away from Kelis, who stuck to her guns and reportedly kept Nas from seeing the newborn. Truth is, though, baby Knight's going to need a daddy one day. Hopefully by now he's met his hip-hop pop. Celebrity Love: Kelis Gives Birth, Bars Nas From Seeing Baby

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. No denying these two are hot, we just haven't completely gotten over the whole Bridget Moynahan thing. But all's fair in baby-making and war, and life goes on for these naturally-selected beauties: both Gisele and Tom recently have said they'll keep reproducing. Celebrity Love: Tom Brady Loves Kid, Wants "A Lot" More

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